Saturday, September 4, 2010

Legendary Champions CTB

As I said b4 i was playing the legendary champions cbt. The beta is not over and try to remember that this is a closed beta so expect to see problems and things to change but so far i enjoyed my self. the game has some pretty good graphics with the right settings and the game is pvp oriented. there are 6 classes there warrior,paladin,assassin,archer,mage,priest just with weird names the learning curve is nice up until it hits lv 30 then it becomes hell to lv right now most pple are lv 30-32 just pvping.but this can be fixed with the addtion of more quest the interface is nice and the auto run make quest alot easier.but the most fun and unique feature of this game is the faction/guardian system.there are 3 factions in this Wei,Shu,Wu there are some dynasty warriors fell to it but the fun is if u run into someone of another force in the field its war last night the server was going at it and it was for the guardian system each force has their heros and you can unlock these heros to be your guardian the thing is that these are really strong and you can transform into your guardian for 1 min every 30 min and a guardian can turn the tide of battle you can also lv these guardians up with badges you get from quest. there is also the battle field which is 1 party of 5 vs another party of 5 in a battle with unlimited guardian so its pretty me this game has alot of potential if it can get a good player base so far the bate has few problems other than the norm minor ones but thats why its a beta.
its actually closer to 8 as i said if this game can get a player base and fix the curve after lv 30 it would be a pretty close 9 but gotta wait for the live version itas something to look into

Friday, September 3, 2010


I am now playing the CBT of Legendary Champions i will review when it ends

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


srry this is taking a while for reviews as of now im doing this by myself and im gonna play the mmo a bit to see how it goes so I can get a real sense of it but until then be patient and thank you