Sunday, August 29, 2010


Lunia is an action arcade style of mmo hosted by ijji the game has bright and great anime style graphics and is constanly being updated with more content including characters while you can not customize your characters its al for the sake of fitting into the story yes this game has a story and a pretty good one starting from 3 chars the game now has about 10 or so with the newest one showing up about a mounth ago there are still many pple playing this game and they are mostly friendly so far i aint meet any ass holes and yes i played this game before and its one of my favs the game is instanced based if you dont know what that means think of the game as super mario as in you start off at world 1-1 like that almost all of the chars are free with a quest and all can be bought with cash this game also has a rebirth system which is then you reach a level you can go back to lv one and keep your stats making you stronger and if u can pull it off i think 5 times then you unlock ulimate skills which are pure awsome and yes what is a good mmo without pvp (player vs player) lunia has solo pvp and team pvp with spectator modes pvp is fun but mashing butons wont get you very far because a good player can juggle you until geath if there good enough.

Yes play this mmo its great story good characters nice skill Great graphics nice balance of fun and skill so as of now I am going to give this game an


  1. Checked out the YT vids of it, not that great. I like the gaming focus though, great blog.

  2. Nice reading :D

  3. Cool. Following.

  4. just to check ur okay and still going, hun. keep on. :) :*

  5. i'll check it out bro